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you access to the fbi files. >> then you will just have to find another criminal to talk to. >> we have an agreement. >> the agreement is for me to bring cases to year. it does not work the other way around. i am not a consultant. i have no interest in cases i have no interest in. find a hit these days with the new series, but you got one. >> we were up against some pretty stiff competition, but we somehow managed to break through. it only took me about 50 years. [laughter] >> what do you think is making this work? james spader. he is a masterful actor. megan boone has done a great job playing the young rookie profiler, and i think we have a good chemistry. you have diego and all. we are working well together and we respect each other's game. >> spader is a great actor and i am not talking about the blacklist, but through the this 50 year career you joked about, when you see stuff on paper and you have about who is playing what character, do you always -- i don't want to ask if you always know, but what is the feeling in the gut you get as to whether you will fit nicely in this ens
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1